DAMMIT I'M MADThe band was born in an apartment in the Stockholm suburb Bredäng. Because the lack of creative outlets, meaningful pursuits – and money – the duo began sampling light switches, balcony railings, washing- and recycling machines. This, combined with more traditional instruments such as guitar, toy synths and clarinet resulted in a SELF TITLED EP released in 2009. The following half year was mostly about turning down gig offers and in the meantime figuring out how this could be performed live. The riddle was solved and the band made its live premiere at the club Mother in Stockholm.

A few years down the road DAMMIT I’M MAD has toured scandiavia a few times around, has (according to themselves) reached a bit of a cult status, and now joins forces with MINDBLAST RECORDS to release their new album!

The music has been described as if Lightning Bolt would play Deerhoof-covers but one could also hear influences like Kraftwerk, Merzbow and Pac-Man.

Now you’re probably thinking “HOLY SHIT, I DON’T WANNA MISS THIS SHIT FOR THE WORLD, I BETTER STAY TUNED!!!!!”, and I think you’re on to something there.


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