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Robin Barstow aka. “Sky” is British blood, born and razed in the mysterious fjordscapes of Malvik, Norway. Building electronics in the shape of midi controllers and aura sensors by night and sequencing computer music by day is the style of this shaman of art. He started out in 2009 with the album “It’s Circular”, released digitally on It received a fair amount of exposure online and was rated by Beat magazine editor Thomas Raukamp as one of top 5 Creative Commons releases. Also in 2009 he was rated by NRK p3 (Norwegian state radio) as week 20’s untouched artist and received airplay through their program on P3 radio.In the time following the release he played concerts regularly, accompanied by electronica/IDM nutcase Daniel Lacey-McDermott aka. Captain Credible. In 2010 he released a small digital release called “Electronic Horse” which they added to their live show.

He is inspired by Electronica in the fashion of Aphex Twin and Clark (Chris Clark), but also heavily inspired by gamemusic of the 80’s and 90’s (Commodore 64, Atari, Amiga, ADLIB). His live shows are visually inspired by 8bit/lo tech graphics featuring projection and LCD screen hacks. In 2012 his latest release “SKYTORDIE” was released under Mindblast Records were he continues to extensively explore 80’s & 90’s game music and ride a more wanky soloistic approach to his musical expression.


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