The MaXx


This power pop indie fusion trio was formed in Trondheim in the cold northern summer of 2013. Tired of playing jazz saxophone, the guitarist Petter Kraft started writing rock riffs in his basement. Keyboardist Oscar Grönberg joined in to have a reason to play with his Synthesizers, and not long after the hyper energetic drummer Tomas Järmyr was included. After playing their first pop­up gig at the Art Academy in Trondheim, the rumor of The MaXx traveled fast trough the Norwegian Fjords. Their first EP ­ MASTER BLASTER, titled after a character in MAD MAX, consist of six tunes that captures the bands unpredictable compositions and high energy live performances.

Petter Kraft – Eletric Guitar
Oscar Grönberg – Keyboards, Synthesizers
Tomas Järmyr – Drums


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